Friday, January 20, 2012

Jerk Bowl Hodge Podge

I love mixed bowls... I mean, love them!!

This was an impulse mix-up, hodge podge.  I WAS making this all separate, but decided to mix it, and then added some stuff...and it turned out spectacularly!!

I cooked up my diced chicken with Jerk Seasoning.  While thawing my staple frozen peas.  And speedily pressure cooking my brown rice.  That's what I fed my kids.   And they begged for soy sauce.  Weird combo, I know.  For myself I proceeded to mix it all up, and then decided something sweet would set it off nicely, and added a handful of craisins. And then added a dollop of apricot preserves (Polner has served to be a safe jam/preserves for us).  And then I added a tiny bit of soy sauce to amp up the apricot flavor.  And wow.  A new favorite was born.  Seriously!!

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