Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ice Cream

This has been nasty tricky.  Thankfully, I have found one that doesn't tear up Charlotte too badly.

I got a recipe from a friend that involved Cool Whip.  WOW.  I cannot even begin to tell how how many brands of crazy that brought out in Charlotte.  I mean INSANE.

But another friend volunteered that she thought she saw a cool whip natural alternative in the organic section at Kroger.  Frankly, with all of Charlotte's issues, my BEST option would be actually whipping whipping cream, but that's for another day...

Tru Whip
Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
Almond Milk (or coconut...pick your option)
Throw it in the ice cream maker of your choice.

I used Chocolate Almond milk once it it was pretty yum, too. 

Both Tru Whip and The Eagle brand have milk products in them, but there is less than other options, so it's an improvement...and most importantly, it doesn't make Charlotte nuts.

I'm still trying to work out the freezing kinks to Greek yogurt and just make ice cream that for some reason the milk does not play havoc on her belly in that form...

But these were AWESOME...and I just put ginger snaps in the bottom of the cupcake papers instead of making the crusts...shaved some serious time off the preparation...And I jacked the lime juice way up because I like the "bite"...

I've been thinking about making ice cream with Tru Whip and Greek yogurt...that's the plan for tonight...I'll let you know it it turns out!  :)

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